“I developed ZymaDerm™ after my 5-year old daughter got molluscum to treat it rapidly and painlessly. It will eliminate your child’s molluscum, or I’ll refund your money” Read more …

- Briant Burke, MD, MS, Developer of ZymaDerm™

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Molluscum Rapidly Vanishes

BBB_Accreditation_01A severe case of molluscum contagiosum on the neck of a 5-year old girl before and after application of ZymaDerm.

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Parents Easily Apply ZymaDerm™

RiskFreeSymbolNo treatment is safer or easier to apply than Zymaderm™. Each bottle comes with a glass rod applicator to apply ZymaDerm™twice a day on the molluscum lesions.

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At Leading Drug Stores

Retail_logos_01ZymaDerm™ is available without prescription nationwide at a drug store near you.

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Hi Briant, Thank you for more ZymaDerm samples. My partners and I have had great success treating molluscum with it. I wish it were available in the chemist shops here in New Zealand. Thanks again.

Edwin Resnell,MD Dermatolgy Associates of New Castle Auckland, NZ

My son had gone from 6 to 45 warts in a matter of months. I researched more and found ZYMADERM. Why didn’t my pediatrician tell me about natural options?!!! I could have stopped his 6 right in their tracks! This product doesn’t cause pain, itching, nothing. I cannot tell you how relieved I am as a mom to find something that worked for my son.I fully recommend this product!!

Kim Rogers, from her review in Amazon

We used ZymaDerm on our daughter’s molluscum last year, with lesions primarily on the face, lips, neck, and shoulders. The lesions were 100% resolved after about 10 weeks, and there has been no recurrence.

D. Mast, MD, NY

…Molluscum lesions usually resolved within 2 to 3 weeks. I have been impressed with the effectiveness of this therapy.

Richard D. Blickenstaff, M.D.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell doctors about this. I have told my pediatrician and he is getting the word out for you. It’s awesome!!!!! I thought i was buying a bottle of water! I mean who knew!!! I am so grateful and my 5 year old has soooo much more self esteem! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!!!!

Lori P.
Hilton Head

…Our experience with ZymaDerm has been a positive one, and it is certainly an< nice option to have in the “war” against molluscum contagiosum and HPV-induced lesions. We will continue to recommend it as one possible treatment option for our patients with molluscum and for selected patients with flat warts and other verrucae.

Elizabeth S. Miller, M.D., F.A.A.D., F.A.A.P.

I was skeptical when we ordered. Watching (ZymaDerm) stop the spread of the lesions was a relief that only a parent could appreciate.


John W.

I am a pediatrician in Portland, Oregon and I used ZymaDerm on my own daughter with great success. I have since recommended it to numerous patients and they have been quite satisfied with the results.

Y. Gopal, MD, Portland, OR

I treated my son for three and a half weeks straight. Only applying it one time a night before bed. All we can say is thank you so much. He can wear short sleeves again! I am sure they will fade with time. He also has not suffered a single breakout since.

Kind Regards and Many Thanks,

Collegeville, Pa

July 09, 2007 Email Subject: “Miracle Product” Thank you so much for Zymaderm!! I have been using this product for about 3 weeks and her molluscum is almost gone! The baby ones dry up very quickly which means no spreading! I will make sure to inform her pediatrician about this wonderful product. I wish you much success and I hope you make millions on this product! You deserve it! Thank you! God bless all of you.

Vicky Yanez

Box_seen_on_TV_Web_03Before Using Extreme Measures, Or Valueless First Aid Creams, Try All Natural Anti-Viral ZymaDerm™

Before you let anyone perform an extreme and potentially disfiguring procedure on you or your child, or use valueless first aid creams to treat this virus, try ZymaDerm™. Because it’s not absorbed into the bloodstream, ZymaDerm™ is especially safe for children as young as nine months of age. A simple soothing application, once a day for children under the age of five years is all that’s needed in most cases. The length of treatment time will vary according to the intensity of the viral outbreak, but healing begins in as little as 24 hrs and customers often notice dramatic improvement in a matter of days.


* Based on results of an independent national survey of physicians, 86% of doctors surveyed preferred the painless topical application of ZymaDerm™ to other treatment options for molluscum contagiosum.

Medical Disclaimer

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