Molluscum contagiosum has been found to be a relatively common infection in the US and tends to be found in younger children as a rule. However the number of adults being found with this virus is on the rise. Essentially molluscum is a pox like virus the results in small lesions that can appear anywhere on person’s body with the exception of the soles of the feet and the palms of their hands. While it can be embarrassing and annoying, in most cases if left without treatment molluscum will go away by itself in 6-12 months, but can remain for up four years with chronic cases. Before you seek any form of molluscum treatment, you should first talk to your doctor and ask him to perform a biopsy on one of the lesions to make sure that you or your family member has the virus associated with the disease.

While this is highly contagious virus that can be caught in locker rooms, gymnasiums, swimming pools and a host of other public places, there are other viruses with similar symptoms and you need to know what you are dealing with before proper treatment can begin. For most patients who choose not to seek treatment for molluscum, they will have to deal with the lesions which can itch and become inflamed or infected if they are scratched. Most of the lesions will go away by themselves in time, but if any get infected it could cause other complications including scarring. For many years medical professionals have been treating the lesions is a variety of ways including freezing them or scraping them in much the same way as warts are treated. The problem with these forms of treatment is that they can be painful and cause scarring of the affected area. The latest treatment for molluscum is an all natural topical agent that is applied directly to each lesion twice a day. Because it is an all natural substance there are no toxic side effects and it can be used on both adults and children as young as nine months old.

One thing that you must realize is that because molluscum contagioisum is a viral infection there is no “cure” for it, the disease will have to run its course. Any treatment you have is intended to remove the lesions and make you as comfortable as possible until the virus is gone from your system. If you or a loved one is suffering from the effects of molluscum, treatment that is all natural and will not cause any side effects can be found at Naturopathix. This company was founded by Dr. Briant Burke who is a medical doctor and research scientist devoted to finding safe and natural treatments for numerous skin diseases that are caused by viruses. Their product is the only topical treatment for molluscum that has met with full FDA approval and has been found to eliminate the lesions caused by molluscum for 91% of those suffering it within 30 days of beginning treatment.