Healing can begin in 24 hours

Individual results may vary*

ZymaDerm® is an antiviral that aids in the treatment of the symptoms of the molluscum virus

Individual results may vary*

ZymaDerm® is patented and contains clinically-proven ingredients

Individual results may vary*

The leading homeopathic ointment for treatment the symptoms of molluscum.

Individual results may vary*

ZymaDerm®’s ingredients have been proven safe for children

Individual results may vary*

ZymaDerm® guarantees results or your money back

Individual results may vary*
When bought from a certified seller*

Developed by a practicing doctor and research scientist

Individual results may vary*

Why Use ZymaDerm®?

More than 500,000 individuals have PAINLESSLY and RAPIDLY alleviated the symptoms of molluscum contagiosum over an 18 year period with ZymaDerm® our unique all-natural formulation. Non-prescription ZymaDerm® is THE molluscum contagiosum remedy that offers:

tiny-check-green84% success rate in clearing molluscum.

tiny-check-green 4/5 star rating on Amazon.com.

tiny-check-greenMoney back guarantee when purchased through an Authorized Reseller — contact our customer service for details.

tiny-check-green 2 published clinical trials shows its ingredients to be safe and effective for children.

tiny-check-green 86% of physicians rate it effective in a national survey by an independent university.

tiny-check-green So effective it has been awarded US patents.

tiny-check-greenAvailable nationwide without prescription through our Authorized Sellers.

tiny-check-green FDA Registered: NDC# 69163-4136-1.

No More Traumatized Kids!

“I developed ZymaDerm® after my 5-year old daughter got molluscum to successfully alleviate it rapidly and painlessly. It will alleviate your child’s molluscum, or I’ll refund your money”. ~ ZymaDerm®’s Physician Founder

easy to apply molluscum contagiosum treatment

Easy For Parents To Apply

No treatment is safer or easier to apply than ZymaDerm®. Each bottle comes with a glass rod applicator to apply ZymaDerm®twice a day on the molluscum contagiosum lesions.

No Prescription Needed

ZymaDerm® is available without prescription at Walgreens and CVS.

86% of doctors surveyed prefer clinically-tested ZymaDerm® with approved homeopathic ingredients to safely and gently alleviate molluscum contagiosum**

** Based on an independent national survey by Boise State University of physicians who tried Zymaderm® with their patients.

FDA Registered: NDC# 69163-4136-1

Health Care Professionals And Parents Review ZymaDerm®

The testimonials below are from actual customers and health care providers.

ZymaDerm® maintains a 4/5 star rating on Amazon, as well as the highest ratings on a great many authoritative websites and publications. Individual results may vary*

“…This product is INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering with this virus. If you are not completely satisfied (which I cannot imagine), you may return the unused portion to Naturopathix for a full refund. They have removed all of the risk for you, so there really is no reason not to try this wonderful product. I am so thankful to have found this website and product–it has made a tremendous difference in our lives in a very short period of time.”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Suzi Homemaker

Pro Blogger, SuziQHomemaker Confessions from the Sew Dojo

“Thank you for more ZymaDerm samples. My partners and I have had great success treating molluscum with it. I wish it were available in the chemist shops here in New Zealand. If we can every help you get Ministry approval to do so, please don’t hesitate to let us know! In the meantime we continue to recommend ZymaDerm to our patients with molluscum. Thanks again.”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Edwin Resnell, MD

Dermatology Associates of New Castle Auckland, NZ

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