Compare Molluscum Treatments

Retail Price***$29.97$54.97$48.00$36.00
Sold at major retailersYes nonono
Published clinical trialsYes (2)nonono
Medical doctor developedyesnonono
All natural ingredientsyes
U.S. Patentsyes (2)nonono
Independent study of doctor preferenceyes (86% prefer)nonono
FormulaAnti-viralFirst aid ointmentAnti-viralFirst aid ointment
Approximate number of treated patients****500,00021,000N/AN/A
For Children and Adultsyesyesyesyes
Manufacturer Rating by Better Business BureauA+N/AB+
Formulated to treat the molluscum virus based on proven researchYesnonono
*** Manufacturers suggested retail price**** Patients treated data from websites.