If you have unsightly bumps along the skin of course you should get them checked out by a doctor; chances are they are a simple rash or irritation or they may be something called contagiosum which is caused by a virus. Only a doctor can tell you exactly what you have and how to treat it, and you should always follow your doctor’s advice.

skin bumps caused by contagiosumLike warts, contagiosum is the result of a type of virus and the bumps you see are the skin’s reaction to this virus. The virus spreads very easily and is picked up through person-to-person contact or from an infected item. The virus can also be spread sexually through unprotected contact. While contagiosum is most common in children because of their weaker immune systems, it can and does appear on adults as well.

Typically contagiosum clears up on its own but takes an average of 18 – 30 months to do so. It is not unusual for cases to last 2 – 3 years, and even longer for those with weaker immune systems. Also, because the virus spreads so easily doctors typically recommend treatment rather than ignoring the problem so that others are not infected. Consider some additional tips for dealing with contagiosum.

Don’t scratch

First, don’t scratch the area infected with contagiosum; the condition itself rarely causes itching but sometimes the skin underneath gets dry and irritated and this makes it itchy. Avoid scratching because scratching often spreads the virus to other areas of the skin and to other people, as it may be carried under the fingernails.

Use the right skin product

Second, be mindful of the products you use to treat contagiosum. Regular creams and lotions don’t address the virus itself and so rarely do any good to clear up the bumps. Remember that contagiosum is not like a regular rash that develops from chafing, overexposure to chemicals, and so on. As with any other medical condition, you need to understand the cause in order to understand the treatment and to address it effectively. Using Zymaderm, a clinically tested over the counter treatment for molluscum can help treat this condition.

Get those skin bumps examined and treated

And lastly, it’s good to follow-up with medical treatment when you have or suspect you have contagiosum. The virus itself may take many months and even years to go away on its own and may spread unpredictably. You may also see it spread to other parts of the skin and may infect others if you do not address your contagiosum properly and promptly.

Don’t ignore contagiosum

Don’t ignore your contagiosum but get it examined and treated properly as soon as you can; this will keep it under control and help it to heal much quicker. At Naturopathix,Inc. we are a team of dedicated practicing physicians and research Ph.Ds. We understand your concerns and are here to help you. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns.