® has been successfully used to alleviate molluscum in more than 500,000 children (based on sales) for more than 10 years." /> ® - The Molluscum Authority" /> ® has been successfully used to alleviate molluscum in more than 500,000 children (based on sales) for more than 10 years." />

Are You Ready To Be Rid Of Molluscum?

ZymaDerm® has been successfully used to alleviate molluscum in more than 500,000 children (based on sales) for more than 10 years. Please watch this video before you try any extreme treatments or ineffective first-aid creams!

Individual results may vary.•

FDA Registered: NDC# 69163-4131-1





What You MUST know to treat molluscum.

Briant Burke, MD, MS, explains the molluscum virus and why ZymaDerm®, the all natural antiviral he developed will rapidly, safely, and painlessly alleviate molluscum symptoms.





Individual results may vary.•

FDA Registered: NDC# 69163-4131-1




ZymaDerm® With No Risk!

We are so confident that ZymaDerm® will rapidly and successfully alleviate molluscum, that we offer you a 6-month money-back guarantee. Try it before you let anyone perform extreme and potentially disfiguring procedures on you or your child, or use valueless first aid creams to treat this virus.





Individual results may vary•

FDA Registered: NDC# 69163-4131-1



No More Traumatized Kids!

“I developed ZymaDerm® after my 5-year old daughter got molluscum to successfully alleviate it rapidly and painlessly. It will alleviate your child’s molluscum, or I’ll refund your money”. ~ Briant Burke, MD, MS

easy to apply molluscum contagiosum treatment

Easy For Parents To Apply

No treatment is safer or easier to apply than ZymaDerm®. Each bottle comes with a glass rod applicator to apply ZymaDerm®twice a day on the molluscum contagiosum lesions.

No Prescription Needed

ZymaDerm® is available without prescription at Walgreens and leading drugstores. Receive a $10 rebate when you purchase at your neighborhood Walgreens Store.
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86% of doctors surveyed prefer clinically proven ZymaDerm® with FDA approved homeopathic ingredients to safely and gently alleviate molluscum contagiosum**

** Based on an independent national survey by Boise State University of physicians who tried Zymaderm with their patients.

FDA Registered: NDC# 69163-4131-1

Healing begins in 24 hours.

Individual results may vary*

ZymaDerm is an anti-viral that eliminates the molluscum virus.

Individual results may vary*

ZymaDerm is patented and clinically proven.

Individual results may vary*

The only full strength topical homeopathic for molluscum.

Individual results may vary*

Patented Formula is especially gentle and safe for children.

Individual results may vary*

ZymaDerm is 100% guaranteed to eliminate molluscum or your money back.

Individual results may vary*

Developed by a practicing medical doctor who is also a research scientist.

Individual results may vary*

Why Use ZymaDerm®?

More than 500,000 children have PAINLESSLY and RAPIDLY alleviated molluscum over a 12 year period with ZymaDerm® our unique all-natural formulation. Non-prescription ZymaDerm® is THE molluscum contagiosum remedy that offers:

tiny-check-green 91% success rate in clearing molluscum.

tiny-check-green 4/5 star rating on Amazon.com after 12 years.

tiny-check-green 6 month money back guarantee (three times longer than competitors) and has less than a 1% refund rate.

tiny-check-green 2 published clinical trials shows it safe and effective for children.

tiny-check-green 86% of physicians rate it effective in a national survey by an independent university.

tiny-check-green So effective it has been awarded US patents.

tiny-check-green Sold nationwide in Walgreens drugstores without prescription.

tiny-check-green FDA Registered: NDC# 69163-4131-1.

Compare Molluscum Treatments

Retail Price***$29.97$54.97$48.00$36.00
Sold at major retailersYes nonono
Published clinical trialsYes (2)nonono
Medical doctor developedyesnonono
All natural ingredientsyes
U.S. Patentsyes (2)nonono
Independent study of doctor preferenceyes (86% prefer)nonono
FormulaAnti-viralFirst aid ointmentAnti-viralFirst aid ointment
Approximate number of treated patients****500,00021,000N/AN/A
For Children and Adultsyesyesyesyes
Manufacturer Rating by Better Business BureauA+N/AB+
Formulated to treat the molluscum virus based on proven researchYesnonono
*** Manufacturers suggested retail price**** Patients treated data from websites.

Health Care Professionals And Parents Review ZymaDerm®

The testimonials below are from actual customers and health care providers.

For over 12 years ZymaDerm® has maintained a 4/5 star rating on Amazon.com, as well as the highest ratings on a great many authoritative websites and publications. Individual results may vary*

“…This product is INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering with this virus. If you are not completely satisfied (which I cannot imagine), you may return the unused portion to Naturopathix for a full refund. They have removed all of the risk for you, so there really is no reason not to try this wonderful product. I am so thankful to have found this website and product–it has made a tremendous difference in our lives in a very short period of time.”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Suzi Homemaker

Pro Blogger, SuziQHomemaker Confessions from the Sew Dojo

“Very Good Product. I used personally. Highly effective. I am the Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics. I will give my experience on ZymaDerm to medical students, residents and pediatricians.”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Gaddam Reddy, MD

Pediatrician, Interfaith Medical Center Brooklyn New York

“Have heard great things from my ND colleagues.”

Individual results may vary.*

Maura Henninger, MD

Naturopathic, New York, NY

“We see molluscum contagiosum bumps on many of our patients. So glad to have found your product.”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Craig Rouse, MD

Optometry, Rouse Eye Care Center, Lacey, WA

“I have recommended it … and have had positive results.”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Deborah Stone, MD

Pediatrics, Wolfeboro Pediatrics, Wolfeboro, NH

“My 2 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum, We could not bear the thought of “conventional treatment”- pain and or long term blistering. So I started researching and found your information. I just placed an order for a second round of ZymaDerm, as the initial results were far above the expected. She does not complain when it is applied, there is no disfigurement or pain. I will mark the product for future reference and have already suggested it to 2 patients. Thanks for your time and efforts to make this products available and affordable to the public.”

(Individual results may vary.*)


Physician's Assistant

“… as a doctor am the one who made the original ZymaDerm purchase. I have since then referred patients to your website to order their own ZymaDerm, and most of them have been very happy with the result.”

(Individual results may vary.*)

D. Mast, MD

Conewango Valley Medical Center, NY

“I have recommended it several times with pretty good results so far.”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Karen Westberry, MD

Pediatrics , Vero Beach, FL

“Wonderful Product!”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Padmanand Solanki, MD

Internal Medicine, Valley Care Youngstown, OH

“Love the product. Thanks so much!!!”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Marie A Cavuoto, MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York

“PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell doctors about this. I have told my pediatrician and he is getting the word out for you. It’s awesome!!!!! I thought i was buying a bottle of water! I mean who knew!!! I am so grateful and my 5 year old has soooo much more self esteem! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!!!!”

(Individual results may vary.*)


“Thank you for more ZymaDerm samples. My partners and I have had great success treating molluscum with it. I wish it were available in the chemist shops here in New Zealand. If we can every help you get Ministry approval to do so, please don’t hesitate to let us know! In the meantime we continue to recommend ZymaDerm to our patients with molluscum. Thanks again.”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Edwin Resnell, MD

Dermatology Associates of New Castle Auckland, NZ

“I have recommended your product before and have been pleased with the results.”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Michael Rosner, MD

Taneytown, MD

“I have two children who have molluscum contagious. This is the only product that seems to work without any pain. Finally it is nice to see the bumps go away.”

(Individual results may vary.*)


Amazon.com 5-star review

“Been recommending for several years now…”

(Individual results may vary.*)

Anthony Senter, MD

Pediatrics, Pediatrics East, Inc Germantown, TN

ZymaDerm® Anti-Viral, All Natural Skin Care Products

The ZymaDerm® product line is all natural, safe and extremely effective in combating viral skin diseases.

Molluscum Contagiosum

One bottle of ZymaDerm® will gently and painlessly alleviate about 60 molluscum bumps, applied twice a day for a month.

Jojoba Body Wash

This mild exfoliant is in an apricot scented shampoo formulation that contains jojoba beads, the tiny seeds of an herb. Use in combination with ZymaDerm® for stubborn or more severe molluscum outbreaks.

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