Are you losing the battle in your home with Molloscum? If you’ve been treating your child for any length of time, you’ve probably already discovered that most treatments for Molluscum Contagiosum are not very effective, and quite expensive.


Not so with ZymaDerm. In fact, its developer, Naturopathix, is not as interested in amassing profits as it is with making the product available and affordable for families across the US. You’ll find that ZymaDerm is one of the most affordable products on the market to treat molloscum, and is the only proven affective product available without a prescription.


Naturopathix partners with research institutions and universities to bring you remedies that are natural, affordable, safe, gentle and effective. Naturopathix is founded and managed by Briant Burke, MD, MS, a distinguished medical doctor and research scientist. Dr. Burke developed ZymaDerm for his own daughter who had molloscum. Due to its rapid and effective results, ZymaDerm has been approved by the FDA for consumers around the globe.


Prompt treatment of molloscum is essential as it minimizes spreading. One of the biggest complications associated with Molluscum Contagiosum is that secondary bacterial skin infections may occur if there has been a lot of inflammation, especially due to scratching. ZymaDerm has proven to be highly efficacious in the painless treatment of this troubling skin condition.


For stubborn and more severe molloscum outbreaks, Naturopathix recommends a combination of ZymaDerm and their Phase II Jojoba Body Wash. This mild exfoliant is in an apricot scented shampoo formulation that also contains jojoba beads which are the tiny seeds of the herb. This wash will painlessly remove the few outer layers of dead skin cells to enable the ZymaDerm to work even more effectively.


A single bottle of ZymaDerm will effectively, gently and painlessly treat about 60 molloscum bumps for 30 days if applied twice per day as indicated. It is not absorbed into the skin, making it safe for use on babies nine months and older. ZymaDerm is every bit as effective on adults- just dab the product directly on lesions. 


In 12 years, 500,000 people have had their molloscum painlessly vanish with ZymaDerm applied to the infected areas of their skin. It is so effective on Molluscum Contagiosum that it is the only FDA approved homeopathic remedy for molloscum.


If you are battling a serious or stubborn outbreak, Naturopathix offers 2 and 3 bottle discounts that come with a free bottle of the Phase II Body Wash. You’ll get a great savings of $51.66 when you buy three bottles and will not only get the Body Wash for free, but your products will be quickly shipped to you for free as well.


You don’t have to battle molloscum alone. If you thought there was no hope or help on the horizon, you’ll be relieved to know there is. ZymaDerm can treat Molluscum Contagiosum rapidly, effectively and gently, which will be a great comfort for your child- and for you as a parent. To purchase ZymaDerm or to learn more about the product, visit