If you’re treating a child who has Molluscum Contagiosum, you know the on-going frustration that comes with trying product after product with lilt success. Most over the counter products don’t do much to alleviate symptoms and few, if any, get rid of the virus. 


If you haven’t heard of ZymaDerm, you’re probably skeptical as to whether or not it will do anything to treat Molluscum. The fact is- that ZymaDerm really works. If you’re ready to be rid of Molluscum in your home once and for all, this is the product you’ve been waiting for. ZymaDerm has successfully treated more children than all other Molluscum products combined.


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Anxious parents are interested in learning about the symptoms and stages of Molluscum Contagiosum, and for good reason! During the first three main stages, the following can occur:


- The molluscum begin to look more like flattened moles

- The lesions enlarge, sometimes rapidly, into raised, pearly, flesh-colored nodules. A characteristic dimple can develop in the center, but not always.

- The nodules may develop a central core or plug of white, waxy material, including many virus particles.

- Scratching may spread the virus, a process called auto-inoculation. This can result in the lesions being in lines, but more commonly they occur in patches called crops.


One of the problems with treating Molluscum Contagiosum is that the virus exists on the skin even where there are no lesions or bumps, so while you may effectively treat one area, new crops can appear over time after the treatment of the original bumps. 


Typically, adult Molluscum occurs on the inner thighs, lower abdomen and genitalia, making it a great challenge to cope with the stages of Molluscum.


Without treatment the Molluscum virus generally resolves itself within 9-30 months. No child should have to endure Molluscum for that length time. In the past, treatments have including surgical removal by scraping, de-coring, freezing, and needle electrosurgery, which sometimes resulted in scarring. Medications of the past often caused painful blistering and skin discoloration.


Since ZymaDerm has been introduced in 2003, it has been the preferred treatment of physicians and customers. ZymaDerm is a powerful yet gentle, antiviral solution that is applied directly to the bumps and be safely used on the face and private areas of the skin. Best of all, ZymaDerm is a natural, non-toxic, topical liquid that has been clinically tested and FDA approved as a homeopathic drug.


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