molluscum contagiosum pictures

While there are number of different viral infections that can lead to outbreaks of lesions on the human body, you have to look at molluscum contagiosum pictures of outbreaks on small children to understand just how unpleasant these outbreaks can be. When we as adults get a rash or some form of disease, we can at least understand it and take the necessary steps to effect a eliminate or at the very least manage to keep our fingers away from the lesions and avoid the scratching that leads to permanent scaring. Younger children do not understand this concept and invariably end up scratching the lesions, which not only leads to scarring but can ultimately spread the disease and make it much worse. When you look closely at photos of molluscum, you will see that the lesions or skin bumps can easily be mistaken for a variety of other disease; in fact they are often mistaken for herpes and mistakenly treated.

Although molluscum is a highly contagious disease, in most patients it is relatively harmless and will go away on its own within a few months without any form of treatment whatsoever. The hardest part for children is the embarrassment of having the lesions ion places where they can be seen by others and the fear of being laughed at. Depending on the level of the infection the photos of molluscum may show dozens of lesions in areas such as the armpits, neck, hands or face. Other photos may only show a few solitary lesions in areas such as the groin. Even though this disease seems to affect mostly children, it can also be passed between adults as a sexually transmitted disease. Whether it occurs in children or adults, it is how it is treated that makes the difference in how the affected area appears when the lesions are taken care of as some methods are better than others.


When you look at before and after molluscum contagiosum pictures that involve the use of surgery or medical treatments you will see that for the most part the lesions have been removed, which is the intent of the procedure. What you may also notice is that, especially with surgical removal, there are scars left if place of the lesions. Whereas the lesions would most likely have gone away on their own and left no sign of their passing, the scars left by surgery or even by freezing them off will last a lifetime and serve as a reminder of making the wrong decision when it comes to treatment. When you look at the before and after molluscum contagiosum pictures treated with the all natural product offered by Naturopathix, you will find that the skin in the after photos looks as if nothing had ever been there. This is because the all natural FDA approving topical agent is designed to eliminate the viral infection in the lesions by being absorbed into the lesion and not by physically removing them. The treatment offered here has a 91% effective rate and has virtually no known side effects with the exception of clearing up the lesions once and for all.