Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment

Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment

If you’re tired of trying one molluscum contagiosum treatment after another only to find you’ve spent good money on another worthless treatment, you’re going to love what you hear next. Naturopathix offers the most effective Molluscum treatment on the market today, called ZymaDerm, and it’s available right now, with no prescription.


Molluscum Contagiosum is a skin infection that is caused by a virus. Molluscum is a member of the pox family, being highly contagious. Although it is harmless, Molluscum is unsightly and can be embarrassing and frustrating to deal with, particularly due to its persistence. Molluscum invades its host’s immune system and can persist for 9-30 months on average without treatment. That’s a long time for anyone to deal with the challenges that Molluscum brings.


If you’re dealing with molluscum in your home, you probably know by now that most Molluscum Contagiosum treatment options are not effective. Even many of the most expensive treatments on the market do little to nothing to alleviate symptoms or shorten the duration of the condition. That’s where ZymaDerm is different.


ZymaDerm was developed by a doctor after his 5 year old daughter got Molluscum. The treatment successfully alleviated the Molluscum rapidly and painlessly, and it will do the same for you or your child’s Molluscum or your money will be refunded to you.


Here’s where you can find the most hope- more than 500,000 children have been successfully, painlessly and rapidly treated by ZymaDerm over a 12 year period. As a non-prescription, homeopathic remedy for Molluscum Contagiosum, ZymaDerm offers the following benefits:


- A success rate of clearing Molluscum of 91%

- An rating of 4/5 stars after 12 years

- Proven effectiveness shown by less than 1% of refunds

- A 6 month money back guarantee

- Safeness and effectiveness proven by 2 clinical studies

- 86% of doctors rate ZymaDerm as effective

- Has been awarded US patents for its effectiveness

- Sold nationwide

- FDA registered


ZymaDerm is one of the most affordable Molluscum Contagiosum treatment options available today and is the most effective treatment you can purchase for Molluscum.


One bottle of ZymaDerm will gently and painlessly treat approximately 60 Molluscum bumps, applied 2X per day for one month. Just dab the product on the skin. As ZymaDerm is not absorbed by the skin, it is safe to use on babies nine months and older and equally effective to use on adults. For severe or stubborn outbreaks, Naturopathix offers 2 and 3 bottle discounts with a free bottle of ZymaDerm Phase II Body Wash. 


Since 2003, half a million people have used ZymaDerm Molluscum Contagiosum treatment to painlessly vanish their Molluscum by applying the product to the infected area. It is so effective that it is the only FDA approved homeopathic remedy for Molluscum in the world. 


If you’d like to find out more about the number one Molluscum Contagiosum treatment or place an order that will be promptly shipped out to you, please visit More people have been painlessly and successfully treated for Molluscum with ZymaDerm than any other product on the market. Your child does not have to suffer any longer.