For those who have been diagnosed with or have children diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum, treatment can help reduce or eliminate the lesions that are both irritating and unsightly. Before you can seek molluscum contagiosum treatment, you have to first understand what the disease is and how it is contracted in the first place.

Molluscum is a viral disease that is a member of the pox virus family. It is a basically a skin infection whose main symptoms are lesions or nodules that raise up under the skin. These papules or nodules are highly contagious and the infection is prevalent in the US.

Find the right doctor

One of the hardest parts of molluscum contagiosum treatment is finding a doctor that actually understands the disease and is willing to perform the necessary biopsies to properly diagnose it. Because the lesions are very similar to those seen with other diseases such as herpes many doctors make the mistake of assuming that the patient must be treated for this disease, which will do absolutely nothing for the lesions caused by molluscum.

before molluscum contagiosum treatmentBecause it is a pox like virus the human body’s immune system has a hard time destroying it and it can take from a few months to several years to clear up. Not everyone who is infected with molluscum contagiosum needs treatment, in fact the vast percentage of those who have the virus do not need to be treated. If left alone the lesions will eventually go away by themselves and leave no trace of their having ever existed. This may not be an acceptable situation for small children as they tend to scratch at the lesions which will not only serve to spread the disease, but can leave scars behind. There are treatments available to help remove these lesions and keep them gone while the virus runs its course.

Go for safe, painless molluscum contagiosum treatment

You should take care when seeking treatment for molluscum contagiosum as many doctors are likely to recommend either surgical removal by scraping. This will get rid of the lesions that are a symptom of the virus, but it will also leave a legacy of scars that will not go away.

The doctor may also recommend that the lesions be burned off in a similar fashion to that used to remove warts. This method can also leave scars and discolor the skin around the site of the removal. When you are dealing with lesions on children, the last thing you want is a treatment that is going to leave them marked for life.

If you are looking for a molluscum contagiosum home remedy that has been proven to be completely safe and leave no scars behind, try Zymaderm by Naturopathix. Here you will find a scientifically designed remedy using natural ingredients to ensure that it is safe anyone who uses it. This topical agent is fully FDA approved and has been found to be safe enough to be used on children as young as nine months old with no harmful side effects.