About Naturopathix and ZymaDerm™

We Partner with Research Institutions and Universities to Bring You Natural Remedies that are Affordable and have Proven to be Safe, Gentle And Effective

Briant_as_seen_on_TV_2016_webNaturopathix, Inc.
is founded and managed by Briant Burke, MD, MS, a distinguished medical doctor and research scientist. It provides you with the most effective, gentle and safe, natural remedies for molluscum and other skin diseases caused by viruses.

Unlike pharmaceutical companies that focus primarily on amassing profits, all of Naturopathix's products are kept inexpensive and affordable. This never detracts from the effectiveness nor research and development. In fact, 25% of all profits from the sale of Naturopathix products are used to fund research to develop and test additional safe and effective natural remedies.

KTRV Channel 12 Features Dr. Briant Burke, ZymaDerm and Molluscum Treatment

In 2010, FOX News, KTRV Channel 12, featured Dr. Briant Burke, Naturopathix and ZymaDerm™ "New breakthrough treatment for molluscum". This was after Walgreens selected ZymaDerm™ for its stores, a momentous point in the company's history. The telecast provides you with an overview of the company, it's objectives and its lead product, ZymaDerm™ for molluscum contagiosum.

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FDA Registered Facility

ZymaDerm™ is FDA registered. It is manufactured in a modern FDA registered facility with strict quality control standards. In addition, it complies with all cGMP regulations to ensure uniform quality and to guarantee your safety.


Research Partners

The Center for Biomedical Research is one of Naturopathix's exclusive key partners. They consistently develop breakthrough remedies agains molluscum contagiosum and other viral skin diseases. This includes Zymaderm, the only FDA approved homeopathic topical solution to gently and safely eliminate molluscum from 91% of all those suffering from it within a month. Every product Dr. Burke develops, or supervises the development of, is 100% guaranteed or you get your money back.