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"I have recommended ZymaDerm to many families. Please send more samples!"

(Individual results may vary.*)

Susan V. Bershad, MD

Associate Clinical Professor, Director of Pediatric & Adolescent Dermatology, Medical Chief of the Mount Sinai Outpatient Dermatology NY, NY

 "My partners and I have had great success treating molluscum with it. I wish it were available in the chemist shops here in New Zealand." 

(Individual results may vary.*)

Edwin Resnell, MD

Dermatology Associates of New Castle Auckland, NZ

"Do recommend it to patients. Thanks!"

(Individual results may vary.*)

Amy Gilliam, MD

Dermatologist, PAMF Dermatology Palo Alto, CA

"We frequently recommend this product … We have 4 doctors and four PAs in our dermatology practice."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Elizabeth Ahlstrom, MD

Newnan Dermatology , Newnan, GA

"Great results in my practice."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Jimmy Strong, MD

Pediatrician, Professional Association for Pediatrics Abilene, Texas

"Worked well. Patients seem to tolerate it and it seems to be effective."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Irene Flatau, MD

Pediatrics, Hudson Headwaters Health Network Glens Falls, NY

"It worked well for my daughter."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Alka Desai, MD

Pediatrics, Children’s Physicians of Omaha Omaha, NE

 "Molluscum lesions usually resolved within 2 to 3 weeks. I have been impressed with the effectiveness of this therapy."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Richard D. Blickenstaff, MD

ADA Dermatology Biose, ID

"I am a pediatrician in Portland, Oregon and I used ZymaDerm on my own daughter with great success. I have since recommended it to numerous patients and they have been quite satisfied with the results."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Y. Gopal, MD

Pediatrics, Pediatric Associates of NW Portland, OR

"We used ZymaDerm on our daughter’s molluscum last year, with lesions primarily on the face, lips, neck, and shoulders. The lesions were 100% resolved … and there has been no recurrence."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Dean Mast, MD

Family Medicine New York, NY

"I have recommended this product increasingly since we no longer keep Cantherone in our offices."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Dr. William Fesmire

Pediatrician, Pediatrics East, Inc. Collierville, TN

"Great stuff- thanks."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Beth Nauert, MD

Pediatrics, Hudson Headwaters Health Network Glens Falls, NY

"Our experience with ZymaDerm has been a positive one, and it is certainly a nice option to have in the “war” against molluscum contagiosum and HPV-induced lesions. We will continue to recommend it as one possible treatment option for our patients with molluscum and for selected patients with flat warts and other verrucae."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Elizabeth S. Miller, MD

Dermatology, ProHealth Care Mukwonago, WI

"Have heard great things from my ND colleagues."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Dr. Maura Henninger

Naturopathic, New York, NY

"I have two children who have molluscum contagious. This is the only product that seems to work without any pain. Finally it is nice to see the bumps go away."

(Individual results may vary.*)

bekomer 5-star review

"I have recommended it several times with pretty good results so far."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Dr. Karen Westberry

Pediatrics, Vero Beach, FL

"I have recommended it … and have had positive results."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Dr. Deborah Stone

Pediatrics, Wolfeboro Pediatrics, Wolfeboro, NH

"We see molluscum contagiosum bumps on many of our patients. So glad to have found your product."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Dr. Craig Rouse

Optometry, Rouse Eye Care Center, Lacey, WA

"Wonderful Product!"

(Individual results may vary.*)

Dr. Padmanand Solanki

Internal Medicine, Valley Care Youngstown, OH

"Very Good Product. I used personally. Highly effective. I am the Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics. I will give my experience on ZymaDerm to medical students, residents and pediatricians."

(Individual results may vary.*)

Dr. Gaddam Reddy

Pediatrics, Interfaith Medical Center Brooklyn New York

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