molluscum contagiosum in childrenShould molluscum contagiosum in children keep them from attending school? A child with molluscum contagiosum doesn’t have to miss school or day care. A doctor’s note is required. Only a licensed medical practitioner can diagnose molluscum, since microorganisms that cause skin lesions can either be infectious or non-infectious.

Make sure that lesions not covered by clothing are covered up with secure bandages. These bandages should be changed daily or when they become soiled. If children with molluscum contagiosum in their underwear or diaper area need to go to the bathroom or require diaper changes, then the molluscum growth in this area should be covered up as well.

Keeping the lesions covered will prevent adults and other children from getting infected and will keep the child from scratching and touching the infection, and can check the spread of molluscum to other parts of their body or trigger secondary bacterial infection. In addition, the child should be reminded to often wash their hands.

Employees of school or day care who will work with children require pre-employment skin physical exams, with special attention to molluscum contagiosum.

Medical Treatment for molluscum contagiosum in children includes cutting, burning with acid, or freezing the bumps. A clinically proven, safe, painless, natural alternative is a product called ZymaDerm, developed by a physician and validated by published scientific studies for effectiveness.

ZymaDerm is a pain-free all-natural treatment for molluscum that’s appropriate all for children and adults and can be used all over the body, including private parts. It is available without prescription online and in leading drug stores.

Once treatment with ZymaDerm has begun, it is no longer necessary to cover the exposed molluscum bumps.

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